Are you frustrated dealing with inconsistent and elusive hip or knee pain keeping you from enjoying your active hobbies? 

Even without lower back pain, targeted exercises for your spine may be the solution to get back to what you love and avoid burnout.


✅ You have pain in your hip or knee, with OR without back pain

Previous history of lower back pain or current lower back stiffness

Your started spontaneously and feels inconsistent

Your pain is reproduced with movements, positions, or activities, even if inconsistently

You feel worse after long periods of sitting

You have tried stretching, strengthening, foam rolling, without results

Treatment you've gotten from PT, Chiro, Massage, Acu feels good, but short term


❌ Looking for someone to fix you rather than be empowered

Unable to see things differently and challenge your own beliefs

Uninterested in optimizing yourself for better performance or unwilling to put in the work

Experience pain that is constant/severe

Experiencing pain from a recent traumatic injury

Believe you can't get better, even after watching my webinar

If you're here, you're probably frustrated that pain in your leg has been preventing you from your active passions.

You're a productive and high performer in your career and your active hobbies are how you avoid burnout.

You've already tried to rest it, you may have taken some medications, and done some stretches you found online, seen a healthcare provider. None of those really helped.

You may have recently or in the past went to traditional physical therapy and were given a laundry list of stretches and strengthening exercises to do.

Not only did this slow down your productivity to make it to the 2-3x/week appointments, but it was frustrating having so many exercises and not knowing which ones were hurting and which ones were helping, if any were even helping at all.

Then being told to do the same large list of things at home, or even worse, not given anything to do on your own at all, feeling like you had to rely on going into the clinic to get better.

I've been there too.

You've been spinning your wheels, scouring the web for exercises to do, treatments to try, some sort of diagnosis to try and figure out why you haven't been getting better even though you've been doing everything you've been told to do.

It's frustrating, especially when what is working for others isn't working for you.

It's not your fault

Your previous encounters with specialists may have been looking at you through a lens that wasn't what you needed.

OPTILIFE Specialist - Dr. Malik Parker, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

I've been many things in different eras of my life. A competitive flag football player, a spinning off my head breakdancer, a red rock national park hiking enthusiast, a city night cycler, a power focused weight lifter.

All of which at different times were different ways for me to unplug and stay balanced to continue to perform in school, career, or personal relationships and avoid burnout. 

I know what it's like to be sidelined from your active passions and not even know what to do about it. I've been there myself.

For many years I struggled with inconsistent and elusive pain in my knee.

I tried all of the traditional things like stretching, strengthening, foam rolling. It would all feel temporary at best. I did what I was told by my PTs or providers that I knew. All of which were doing their best to help and those methods often do help, but it just wasn't what I needed.

I even went to PT school myself, did well in school and on internships, graduated top of class, but what I share in the free workshop is all discoveries I made AFTER my formal education, scouring resources to figure out what the most efficient and effective expert practitioners were doing so I could maximize my impact as a lead PT.

It wasn't until I discovered how powerful a spine focused approach can be, even without back pain, that I was able to transform the lives of others like me and regain control of my own active life. 

Taking these different approaches and pieces of information and implementing them over the past several years helping me forge my own system.

I approached all hip, knee, leg, even ankle pain, from a top down spine focused system and was amazed at how many times spine based exercises dramatically improved hip, knee, and leg function without even touching that area.

I met people that had fallen through the cracks of traditional healthcare, unsuccessful with multiple courses of PT that were chasing exercises for a diagnosis that was given based on the specific location of their pain, but not the whole picture.


'OptiARMOR' System: We take you through a proven 5 step system of recovery and optimizing function. You will always know where you are in that recovery process and timeline. This system treats the body as a whole with the halmark of pain science education so that you no longer have to fear pain as doing harm, and evaluates your lumbar spine as a potential direct or indirect source of your symptoms which is one of the most overlooked sources of hip, knee, or leg pain.

Virtual Sessions: Say goodbye to the hassle of commuting to a physical clinic where you are instructed to go 3x/week, and spend over an hour doing generic exercises that you could do at home. If we are a good fit to work together, that means you can benefit from self treating through specialized guidance, expert monitoring, and a personal recovery plan.

1 on 1 with specialist: Unlike traditional clinics where you only see and get to talk to the provider 5-10 minutes, get handed off to a technician to take you through exercises, and only get evaluated once a month to see if things are working, each visit with us is 1 on 1 with a specialist AND we are ALWAYS re-evaluating to see if things are working. In the vast majority of cases, it doesn't take an entire month to figure out if you're heading in the right direction.

Asynchronous program: As we optimize your recovery plan, we may want to make some changes or adjustments based on how you are responding. Instead of waiting several days or a week for the next visit to make these adjustments, or until your 1 month re-evaluation at a traditional clinic, we provide additional support outside of the virtual sessions to make sure you are progressing as fast as possible to getting back to doing what you love without being limited by pain.


"Malik has helped me get through some times that were deeply frustrating and discouraging.  His attention to detail is game changing.  He takes in every bit of data you offer about how you feel, where the issues are, etc and is able to create a clear, effective path forward.  If not for him, I never could have gotten through the NYC Marathon in 2022.  Again, thanks to his help, I will be completing the 2023 NYC Marathon as well!..."


"After seeing multiple orthopedists, physical therapists, and primary care doctors, I was feeling hopeless and resigned to experiencing daily pain that affected my ability to walk, sit, and sleep. For three months, I even gave up going to physical therapy, as I thought that the hip, back, and knee pain that plagued me was on an unstoppable downward trajectory. Thankfully, working with Dr. Malik gave me hope that I can get better and not only function with chronic pain, but also thrive and heal. Thanks to Dr. Malik's thoughtful listening, compassion, and expert approach, extended walking, sitting, and even swimming without pain transformed from distant possibilities to daily opportunities. Dr. Malik is truly a phenomenal and gifted physical therapist who I wholeheartedly recommend."


"I have worked with a dozen or so physical therapists throughout my adult lifespan, and you are by far the best that I have ever worked with. I am extremely grateful to you for the excellent care that you have given me. Thank you very much"

-Dr. Ben

I'd been in physical therapy with another practice for over a year and was diligent about my exercises, but I was still in daily pain due to tightness and inflammation in my hip and leg. I couldn't believe how quickly I improved after I started seeing Malik! .... I followed his instructions and the difference was night and day. I was able to resume activities like yoga and biking and I'm no longer in pain after a long day at my desk!



Why don't you take insurance?

Insurance dictates care. With The Spine Movement we wanted to create a better service where I could accelerate recovery with asynchronous touch points outside of the direct virtual sessions which insurance does not pay for. With a higher fee you're more invested, and I'm more invested.

How many sessions will I need?

Every individual may vary based on presentation. Our goal is to empower you within 4-6 virtual sessions spaced over 1-2 months

How do I know if The Spine Movement is a good fit for me?

Watch the free workshop and if it resonates with you, fill out the application on the workshop to apply to work with me. The application is purely for us to determine if what I have to offer can help you. I will let you know if you're a good fit based. If not, I will try to point you in the right direction

You keep trying to get me to watch your free workshop, will I learn anything or is it just a sales video?

I keep trying to get you to watch the workshop video because that's the best way for you to know if you're in the right place. If you watch it and it doesn't resonate with you, then you save yourself paying me to figure that out.

It's not a sales video, you'll learn a theoretical model that helps you understand pain and how to approach it, you'll learn my systematic process to help solve pain with movement. This by itself is probably worth triple digits. You can begin to apply what you learn in the workshop right away.

What can I expect on the first session?

We will do a deep dive into understanding your symptoms, current limitations, what you've already tried, and do thorough testing to figure out how movement, position, or activity affects your pain. To get a full picture we also need to understand all of the physical stress on your body related to work environment posture or activity demands, home environment, leisure activities, as well as understand additional stress on your body's recovery system through things such as suboptimal sleep, nutrition, and even your own limiting beliefs. This talking part could take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. The movement testing part could take another 15-30 minutes. Then we tie it all together with your recovery plan which we will discuss and be sent to you electronically. You will be provided with a worksheet to fill out to help with accountability and as long as you have registered for the accelerator program, or have a follow up appointment scheduled, I will be checking in and providing support